Mars Hydro TS3000

GroPro presents the powerful TS3000 from MarsHydro. CSA approved, easy to  commercial turn key LED light.

Full spectrum LED and new aged design allow for rapid plant growth from seed to harvest. Highly reflective and noise free light board allows for all the power with no noise.


Replaces a traditional 1000 watt HPS lamp and uses half the energy at only a true 450 watts drawn from the wall.

Newest SMD technology allow for rapid growth in the budding stage resulting in extremely large yeild.

PAR/LUMEN output(1095.6umol/), makes you get 30% higher yield compare OLD led lights, can get average yield at 1.5g/watt


Meant to be a commercial light but also amazing in home grows.  2 dimmable waterproof mean-well drivers combine toy attached to the light fixture with daisy chain capabilities for large commercial grows!

Mars Hydro TS3000

SKU: TS3000
C$665.99 Regular Price
C$559.99Sale Price
  • -350W draw power
    -Coverage 4'x4'

    -Sunlike spectrum
    -Replace800W traditional led
    -Epistar chips
    -Meanwell Driver

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