Our Mission

When GroPro was founded it began as a passion project, but through it we have seen an opportunity to do something more. To that end we have decided to commit everything to GroPro .

Through equipping and educating as many people as possible with the tools and knowledge necessary. We aim to give people the means to cultivate their own high quality products, whether it be for medicinal or recreational purposes.

We want to give you the ability to have access to high quality products. By giving you the means to grow your own, we hope to create a 'farm to table' experience for you. It doesn't get more local than in your own home.

We Are Growers

Here at GroPro we do not only supply others with the means to grow for themselves. We are also passionate growers with a combed 30+ years of growing experience. With this wealth of experience behind us we are able to provide the best support for our customers beyond just selling some equipment. We are available to answer any questions you may have. Just call us during our business hours and we shall do our best to answer your questions. If you come to us with an inquiry we may not have the answer to, we will be excited to learn something new along side you and get you the info you need to grow your best crop!


Being growers ourselves we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the quality and yield of our crops. This includes researching the use of different lights, growing environments, nutrients and many other influences that effect the growing process. Through our research we have found what works and most importantly what does not work! This hard earned knowledge allows us to grow better and help those who want to grow at home to use our products to cultivate the best possible quality cannabis to meet your needs!


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