We make buying local EASY!

Whether you are new to gropro.ca or you have been using us for years, you may notice we always aim to support local producers here in Nova Scotia. It is so important to support local independent businesses and we make buying local easy. Don't have the time or live far away from a local bakery or deli you like, don't worry - we can bring it to you!

In our Buy Local Section we showcase a variety of local food producers like Getaway Farms, Foxhill Cheese, and Noggins Market. Simply add a stop at any location and request items for delivery right to your door! If you have another location in mind, email us and we can let you know what the rate will be. We love visiting these locations and enjoy letting them know we have another sale for them to help their small businesses grow. We maintain each locations' retail prices, so ordering from us is just like visiting the market yourselves. 

We also work with local valley farms in Nova Scotia to offer you Farm Boxes. We deliver every Thursday to your home or business and our boxes are available in 3 different sizes. Our Farm Boxes are filled with fresh local produce hand picked from the farm, and you can indicate any dislikes or special requests for your box upon ordering. We work with a number of different farms like The Vegetorium, Halifax Seaport Market, and Alderney Landing Market to fill the boxes to provide you with a wide variety and selection of useful items. 

So get started today! Build your order and fill your fridges and cupboards with the best Nova Scotia has to offer. 




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